Craft Smoked Products

Create distinctive foods with the wonderful richness of our Craft Smoked dried products. Savory, natural flavor infused by careful smoking over a proprietary blend of woods — with no artificial ingredients or chemical smokes.

Craft Smoked ingredients help build the perception of home-cooked authenticity and culinary tradition. Intensify savory flavors and develop unique snack mixes with rich Craft Smoked dried tomatoes, paprika, chiles, seasonings, dried vegetables and fruits, sea salts, and more.


Concentrated meaty and smoky tomato flavor.

Available in all cuts & easy-to-use paste.

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Possible applications:
• Bread • Cheeses • Dips • Dressings • Frozen Meals • Hummus • Marinades • Pastas • Sauces • Spreads

smoked paprika capsicum


Adds vibrant color and intense smoky aroma.

Available ground.

Possible applications:
• Dressings • Marinades • Seasonings • Soups • Spreads



Rich smoky flavors applied to an extensive range of smoked Mexican & Peruvian chile varieties.

Available ground & pastes

Possible applications:
• Breads • Cheeses • Frozen meals • Hummus • Pastas

craft smoked dehydrated vegetables and powders

Vegetables, Garlic, & Onion

We can Craft Smoke dried garlic, onion, and any dried vegetable or fruit sold by our parent company BCFoods.

Available diced, granular, and paste.

Samples of any item available upon request.

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Possible applications:
• Dressings • Marinades • Pastas • Sauces • Snacks • Soups

craft smoked fruit cherries cranberries


Combine sweet and smoky with savory. Dried cherry, cranberry, or any fruit sold by our parent company BCFoods.

Available whole or sliced/diced

Possible applications:
• Bakery • Dressings • Energy Bars • Salad Toppings • Sauces • Snacks

chile chili infused finishing sea salt

Smoked & Infused Sea Salts

Add a dash of smokiness by finishing your dish with aromatic chile-infused smoked sea salts.

Culinary Farms’ smoking process gives the sea salt subtle smoke aromas and flavor that uniquely complement the food item. The smoked sea salt, in combination with one of the chiles, adds flavor notes of the individual chile’s character and pleasant warmth.

Culinary Farms’ smoke process is authentic. The salts are smoked over a proprietary blend of woods with no added artificial flavors or ingredients. Culinary Farms’ authentic chiles in powder form naturally bond to the sea salt. In addition to plain smoked sea salt, the flavored chile options include ancho, chile de arbol, chilaca, chipotle, guajillo, habanero and pasilla.

All smoked sea salts are available in coarse or fine.

The smoked sea salts have a wide range of applications including snack foods, rubs, confections and bakery.


Add depth of flavor to savory applications using pre-formulated smoky blends or work with our Innovation Team to create your own unique flavor profile.

Available as dry mixes and pastes.

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Possible applications:
• Condiments • Dips • Marinades • Rubs • Sauces • Snacks