Sauces, Seasonings, & Flavors

Authentic World Flavors &
Unique Custom Formulations

Turn up the flavor with our spicy, savory line of Specialty Seasonings, Chili Powders, & Flavors.

Create on-trend dishes with the global flavors of Latin America, Northern Africa, and the Far East.

Use pre-formulated blends or work with our Innovation Team to create your own unique flavor profile.

  • We are your Asian flavor experts
  • Specialty Asian flavored sauces, seasonings, and soup base concentrates; ready-to-order or can be custom developed to fit your needs
  • Convenient food service packaging available according to your specifications

Delicious, reliable, and ready-to-use sauces for dipping, stir fry, noodles, and many more applications.


Explore global seasonings & flavors or create something new all your own.

Stand out with chili-centric flavors ranging from traditional to unique to mash-ups, including Smoked BBQ, North African Harissa, Jerk, Southeast Asian Sriracha, Sambal, and Indian Curries.

Available ground or in paste from powder.

Possible Applications: Dips • Moles • Rubs • Salsas & Sauces • Soups & Stews

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Satisfy your customers’ hunger for clean-label plant-based foods – without compromising on taste!

Create meat-like flavor with natural ingredients.

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Classic mixes of flavorful mild red chile peppers, paprika, cumin, oregano, and salt.

Or have us customize and tailor the flavor profile to a regional preference.

Possible applications: Marinades • Moles • Rubs • Sauces • Soups & Stews

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Add a dash of smokiness by finishing your dish with aromatic chile-infused smoked sea salts.

Culinary Farms’ smoking process gives the sea salt subtle smoke aromas and flavor that uniquely complement the food item. The smoked sea salt, in combination with one of the chiles, adds flavor notes of the individual chile’s character and pleasant warmth.

Culinary Farms’ smoke process is authentic. The salts are smoked over a proprietary blend of woods with no added artificial flavors or ingredients. Culinary Farms’ authentic chiles in powder form naturally bond to the sea salt. In addition to plain smoked sea salt, the flavored chile options include ancho, chile de arbol, chilaca, chipotle, guajillo, habanero and pasilla.

All smoked sea salts are available in coarse or fine.

The smoked sea salts have a wide range of applications including snack foods, rubs, confections and bakery.


Multipurpose soup base concentrates for soups, stews, and noodles. Can enhance the flavor of any soup or stock based dish.